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Processing documents in Office formats

On the Jobs settings tab, under Office file formats, select a method of processing the Office format files. You can select from:

  • Convert to PDF - MyQ opens the document in the Office application, converts the job to PDF and sends it directly to the printing device. The printing device has to support direct print of the PDF format. The corresponding office package (in 64bit) has to be installed on the MyQ account. For processing documents in MS Office formats, it is recommended to run MyQ service under a new local admin account rather than the default Local System account.

  • Via a Windows printer - MyQ opens the document in the MS Office application and prints it using a selected windows printer (print driver). To select the printer, choose the printer that you want to use on the setting drop-down. You also have to change the printer security settings to allow MyQ to print
    from that print driver. In Windows, under Devices and Printers, right-click the printer. In the printer’s properties, open the Security tab and allow print and managing printers to the account that the
    MyQ services are running under.

After the MS Office/LibreOffice installation, MyQ services must be restarted for the system to start recognizing these formats.

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