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General tab: Creating the synchronization

On the General tab, set the general properties of the synchronization: enable or disable the synchronization, select the LDAP server domain, enter user name and password for access to the server, eventually select to export the imported users to a CSV file. See the list below for a description of individual settings.

LDAP sync general tab settings

  • Enabled: Here you can enable or disable the synchronization.

  • LDAP Server: Here you can select the domain that you want to synchronize from.

  • User: Enter the username for access to the LDAP domain server.

  • Password: Enter the password for access to the LDAP domain server.

  • Enabled: If you enable the Export to CSV after successful import option, MyQ creates a CSV file with the imported users after the synchronization.

  • File: Select the folder where you want to save the created file.

After you correctly set the connection parameters (LDAP server, user and password) and save the settings, the LDAP browser opens on the right side of the screen.

In the User setting, a sub-domain user account with enough rights can also be used for authentication, but the sub-domain has to be specified in the username.

For example, the user Administrator connects to the testAD.local LDAP server, but their account is in the cz.testAD.local sub-domain. For successful authentication, the filled in username should be:

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