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CSV synchronization setup options

These are the CSV synchronization setup options:

  • Enabled: Here you can enable or disable the synchronization.

  • CSV file: Here you can set the path to the CSV file on the MyQ server.

  • Encoding: Select the encoding that is used in the CSV file. The default value depends on the OS settings of the computer where you access the MyQ Web Interface on.

  • Column delimiter in CSV: Select the delimiter that is used in the CSV file. If you select the Default option, MyQ scans for the delimiter set on the Column delimiter in CSV drop-down list box on the General settings tab.

  • Skip header line: In case the CSV file contain a header line, you need to select this option and skip the first line of the file during the synchronization. All lists of users exported from MyQ contain the header line.

  • Import groups under this group: Here you can select an existing group in MyQ under which you import the groups from the CSV file.

  • Synchronization source: Here you can specify a different source than the CSV to be marked as the synchronization source by the MyQ system. For example, you can insert an LDAP server domain.

  • Ignore synchronization source: If you select this option together with the Deactivate missing users option, all users that are not in the current synchronization source are deleted.

  • Use authentication server: If you select this option, an LDAP or Radius server is used for the authentication of the imported users.

  • Authentication server: Here you can select the LDAP or Radius domain for the user authentication.

  • Deactivate missing users: If you select this option, MyQ deletes users that are imported from the current synchronization source and that are not in the source anymore. To delete users that were added from different sources, select the Ignore synchronization source option together with this option.

  • Add new users: If you select this option, MyQ adds new users from the current synchronization source.

  • Pair users by personal number: If you select this option, multiple accounts with a single personal number are paired.

  • Convert user name to lowercase: If you select this option, all letters in user names are converted to lowercase.

  • Cards/PIN/Groups/Delegates: In each of the mandatory drop-down boxes, you can select from these synchronization options for the respective parameter (Cards, PIN, Groups):

    • Do not synchronize: The value of the respective parameter in MyQ is not changed.

    • Full synchronization: The value of the respective parameter in MyQ is always replaced by the value in the CSV file. If the value in the source file is empty, the value in MyQ is erased.

    • Synchronize if not empty: If the respective field in the CSV file is not empty, the parameter value in MyQ is replaced by the value in the CSV file. Otherwise, the parameter value remains unchanged. This is the default setting.

    • Add new: If the parameter is already set in MyQ, it is not replaced. Only new values are added.

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