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Print from Anywhere

Print management solutions have become indispensable tools for businesses seeking greater control, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in their printing processes. These solutions offer a wide array of options for printing, catering to the diverse needs of modern workplaces.

In this overview, we’ll take a look at a crucial part of any printing workflow – all the possible ways your users can send files to print.

Print with System Printers

Users can use the native print dialogues in Windows and macOS to print using printers created on the system level.

This allows them to print from any application.

System printers are associated with an installed print driver.

Jobs can be transferred to MyQ X via IPPS, LPR, and RAW protocols.

Print from macOS

(tick) Widely available methods of printing your users probably already know and routinely use.

(tick) Jobs are stored in a centralized repository and thus do not need to stay in the Windows queue of the sending computer.

(tick) All available print options in the native print driver, such as finishing, tailored for specific models, can be set by the user – thus unlocking all capabilities of the target device.

(tick) Quick and simple – CTRL+P or CMD+P and done.

MyQ X’s print spooler is listening for incoming jobs. It does not rely on the Windows print spooler and does not require the installation of an additional LPD service.

Easy Print from Local, Network, and Cloud Storage


Easy Print is a unique feature that allows users to select files from their available local and network folders or straight from cloud services, all directly on the device’s Embedded Terminal.

This gives them the option to simply save the document in any of their available locations, come to the printer, and select this file for printing.

Select your cloud storage
(MyQ HP Embedded Terminal 10.1)

(tick) Allows for configuring multiple local, network, and cloud services to print from.

(tick) Secure and quick way to print that requires very little configuration.

(tick) Users can browse their folders and files right on the device and simply select a file to be printed immediately.

(tick) No need to transfer files from one place to another – print directly from wherever you already store your documents.


Print from Mobile Devices

MyQ X Mobile Client

Print documents stored on a mobile device or in cloud storage already connected to your smartphone. Simply open the app, select a file, and send it to print.

MyQ X Mobile Client is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

(tick) Requires close to no configuration on the administrator’s side.

(tick) Brings users additional functionalities such as credit and quota control, job preview, user profile editing, error reporting, and more.

Native Print with AirPrint and Mopria

You can allow users to print from their mobile devices natively via AirPrint and Mopria with the help of the MyQ Mobile Print Agent (MPA) service.

MPA is a lightweight client that publishes your mobile-enabled print queues to users on any network required.

(tick) An effective approach to all-platform printing in organizations with Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

(tick) Unlocks print in zero trust networks.

With AirPrint, your Apple users can utilize the native print option of iOS/iPadOS/macOS. Printing from macOS is also possible to configure without an MPA service with IPPS and LPD printers.

Mopria requires an additional app installed on Android devices that will be used for printing.

BYOD, Mobile, and Driverless Printing

Read our overview of the mobile and driverless print options with MyQ X that will help you to implement BYOD strategies in your organization.

Mobile Print & Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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