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MyQ Desktop Client (MDC)

In today's rapidly evolving work environment, organizations require smart solutions that adapt to their changing needs. The days of working in a traditional fixed office setting belong firmly in the past.

Now companies have to contend with remote locations, hybrid work environments, and employees who need to be mobile to complete their daily tasks.

MyQ, through collaboration with its customers, has developed a unique value-added client for its MyQ X print management solution called MyQ Desktop Client (MDC).

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What is MyQ Desktop Client?

MDC is a software client designed to provide intelligent solutions to user print mobility, failover printing, and several other functions to support organizations with smart work environments.

MDC provides a range of additional printing options and MyQ X features, including user identification, print job encryption, integrated job parsing, job accounting, and alternative printing options like client spooling, fallback printing, and more.

It can also monitor and apply print policies for locally connected multifunction printers. By using MDC, IT administrators and users can enjoy enhanced functionality and convenience, making it an essential tool for businesses in today's smart work environment.

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MyQ Desktop Client is available for:

  • Windows

  • macOS

It is provided free of charge to MyQ customers using MyQ X, regardless of the licensed edition (Smart, Enterprise, or Ultimate).

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