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MyQ in Cloud

In the past, print management was heavily associated with onsite hardware and its maintenance and for many reasons this made sense. You needed printers in your office that are used by real people to transfer digital data onto paper, by necessity this is a physical solution.

However, in recent years Managed Print Services (MPS) has changed this approach as organizations started relying on 3rd party providers to coordinate their print environment, even though the hardware was still owned by the organization itself.

The final step in this evolution is to move away from onsite infrastructure completely. Organizations have started looking for cloud-enabled solutions for print management. It makes sense – if you host most of your solutions in the cloud already, migrating your print management there is a logical step to take.

Here at MyQ, we have observed this trend, and have options available for everyone ready to migrate into the cloud.

On-premises vs Cloud Print Management

Why Stay On-Premises?

(plus) Greater control over your print environment, including security measures and protocols to protect sensitive print data and documents.

(plus) Offers faster response times for printing jobs - data does not travel via the internet but instead stays within the organization’s premises and is processed locally.

(plus) Some industries and regions have specific compliance and legal requirements regarding data storage and processing, in these cases local infrastructure is preferred.

And why not?

(minus) Requires IT staff to maintain hardware and update software, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

(plus) Allows for more flexibility and scalability with little to no cost when it comes to hardware, providing for easy expansion when your organization grows.

(plus) Offloads the responsibility of all hardware-related maintenance to the cloud provider.

(plus) Cloud printing is often better suited for environments requiring mobility features, printing via the internet, and work-from-home scenarios.

And why not?

(minus) Can be subject to latency issues on unreliable networks.

(minus) Organizations with extremely sensitive data may still prefer the added control of an on-premises solution.


As seen in the comparison above, each solution brings some obvious benefits as well as possible negative consequences that organizations should consider. The choice between the two depends on the organization's specific requirements, budget, and preference for control or convenience.

Print Management in the Cloud

After considering all the pros and cons, you might conclude that a cloud print management solution is the best fit for the environment you are managing. However, having decided to move to cloud printing, there are further considerations for administrators. The type of cloud service is important and effectively determines what your management experience will be.

Private or Public Cloud?

Private and public cloud-hosted services are two distinct approaches to deploying and managing cloud computing resources.

  • Private cloud - an organization runs its own cloud environment, and all resources are under their management.

  • Public cloud - The organization manages the specifics of their cloud instance (tenant), while sharing the backend infrastructure with other tenants.

MyQ Solutions for Cloud Print Management

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

The infrastructure and services are dedicated to a single organization.

Provided by third-party providers, making computing resources accessible to multiple organizations over the internet.

Offers greater control, security, and customization options as the organization owns and manages the entire cloud environment.

Suits businesses with fluctuating workloads, limited IT resources, or seeking rapid scalability without substantial upfront investments.

The organization manages updates, back-ups, and the entire maintenance of the print management system.

Updates, security enhancements, and backups are managed by the cloud provider.

Your ideal solution

MyQ X logo


Your ideal solution

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MyQ Roger

MyQ X in Private Cloud

Customers using Microsoft 365 as a private cloud hosting their internal systems can add MyQ X to the list of IT services they no longer need to have installed in an on-premises server. 

  • MyQ X servers can be installed and run on an Azure Virtual Machine with a VPN tunnel connecting the physical network and Azure's virtual network.

  • MyQ X can also utilize the integration with Entra ID (formerly called Azure AD) user synchronization and single sign-on features.

  • Microsoft Universal Print is also fully integrated into MyQ X, offering mobility, quick printer discovery, and no need for a VPN connection.

Deploy MyQ X in the Cloud

We cover the deployment of MyQ X in the Cloud in our Print Server and Central Server manuals:


Azure logo

Microsoft Azure

The Azure cloud platform has more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring new solutions to life—to solve today’s challenges and create the future. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.


Find out more about Microsoft Azure

Hybrid Cloud approach

Hybrid Cloud allows organizations to keep sensitive data and critical applications in the private cloud, ensuring maximum control and security. Meanwhile, the public cloud can host non-sensitive workloads and less critical services.

Example of Hybrid Cloud

  • MyQ X Print Server can be deployed in your organization as an on-premises solution or in a private cloud that your organization manages itself.

  • You organization, however, can host other resources in a public cloud, for example your user management and documents.


MyQ Roger in Public Cloud

While MyQ X is an ideal solution for on-premises and hybrid environments, MyQ also has a solution for organizations using a public cloud.

Introducing Smart Digital Workplace Assistant, MyQ Roger – an entirely public-hosted multi-tenant print management solution.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solution – no extra cost spent on maintenance.

  • Focuses on mobility, remote and hybrid workplaces, and cloud integrations.

  • Secure, feature-rich, but still easy to use.

Explore MyQ Roger
Is Roger the ideal solution for your organization? Learn more here.

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