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Printer Administration

Printer Discovery and Configuration Profiles

MyQ simplifies and automates the import, activation, configuration of printers and installation of embedded terminals.

It works in two simple steps:

  1. The administrator creates a configuration profile in the MyQ Web Admin Interface. They can set a Price list, choose the embedded terminal type (none, embedded REST API, Lite, Android, etc.), the login method (PIN, ID card, 2-factor authentication, etc.), printer credentials (administrator username and password), and network information (SNMP). These profiles can be cloned to save time and multiply the possibility of discovery.

  2. Then they create a printer discovery profile. They enable MyQ to discover the network or they can import their devices from a CSV file. With network discovery, they need to set rules to identify printers: select the printers network range, how to save it (by address, by name, etc.) and name it from a template (model, ID, serial number, etc.) or from a CSV file.

Configuration Profile settings

Actions can be added to discovery profiles, to fully automate the process: by pre-set filters (e.g. device model, type, etc.), MyQ can add the printer to a queue and a group, set a configuration profile, activate it automatically and eventually install a windows driver. The administrator simply launches the discovery profile and the software scans the network: the printers will be correctly identified on the network, and configured as set. This way, the MyQ system anticipates future printers installation and is ideal for remote sites where a technician can't intervene physically on short notice. Multiple configuration profiles can coexist (to reflect the brands and/or terminals i.e.) and multiple printer discovery profiles as well (to represent different sub-networks for example, such as branches, remote sites, etc.).

Configuration profile and printer discovery

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