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Secure run of MyQ

MyQ provides a wide range of features to enhance the security of the company and the privacy of end users. Workflow security is a major concern for companies and individuals, regardless of whether documents are in physical or digital form. Misused or leaked data can result in substantial negative consequences for individuals and company performance.

MyQ offers a wide range of security features such as:

  • secure printing at MFDs

  • secure communications between the MyQ server and embedded terminals

  • database encryption with certificates

  • password protected databases

  • password level complexity and PIN length

  • two-factor authentication

  • scheduled backups

  • GDPR compliance

  • audit log (to detect misuse of extended access rights)

  • private queue option for automatic deletion from the server immediately after printing

  • watermarks

System Health Check

The run itself of the MyQ server is also under surveillance with the System Health Check feature. A permanent follow-up can be done at any time with every error logged by severity level. It is ideal for administrators for preventive measures, as system health check performs registered checks which can return error messages with severity.

In case of critical severity, an email can be sent to the MyQ administrator and the MyQ service is automatically stopped for more security. For a healthy run of the system, system health check focuses on the following components:

  • Main database health

  • Log database health

  • Disk space availability

  • PIN length

  • Time zone misconfiguration

Secure Communications

MyQ security enables the encryption of all user authentication data and the content of print files on the network. This includes all communication (TCP/IP) between individual components of MyQ, as well as all network connections to other services.

MyQ supports and uses the most recent protocols to ensure user security. Vulnerable protocols and ciphers are disabled.

Multiple communication protocols can be encrypted to ensure a fully secured transfer.

SSL communication between devices

Two-factor authentication

For a higher level of security, you can set two-factor authentication for users at printing devices with Embedded terminals or devices equipped with the Terminal Pro.

The user must present their card and, only if this is authorized by the server, the authentication by PIN/password is allowed.

Two-factor authentication

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