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Print Job Administration

MyQ allows job customization within the process.

Modification and adding commands

In certain print jobs it can be useful to modify the data. MyQ enables an easy addition of commands for stapling, duplex printing, setting the number of copies in print jobs, or creating a specific modification of print job via scripts.

Favorite vs Private

By default, already released print jobs are stored on the print server for a period defined by the MyQ administrator. This way, users can reprint documents without the need to resend them to the server and the administrator can overview printed jobs.

This is the Favorite option in MyQ: a document can be marked as favorite if it needs to be printed regularly. The user simply identifies themselves on the printer, clicks the “My Jobs” button and selects the favorite job presented in the list.

Although this is generally useful, the prolonged access period can be a security risk for documents that are confidential or contain sensitive information. For the users who print sensitive data, the function of automatic deletion from the server immediately after printing is available by disabling the Keep jobs for reprint option.

The MyQ administrator can enable users or departments to use this option in queues where print jobs are deleted immediately after they are released.

Prologue and epilogue

Available only for some selected devices, it is also possible to set prologue & epilogue with additional rules on specific printers brands to modify the output jobs, such as adding a custom header or footer to selected pages of a document or to the whole document.

In MyQ, these rules are part of the options available on properties panels of print queues. For each queue, you can create custom rules by importing a text file with a set of commands and selecting in which part of the printed document the commands should be applied.

Multiple rules can be defined for each queue. This feature is available only on selected device types.

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