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Reducing the cost of printing in a network environment is achieved with setting quotas. Implementing quotas can help encourage responsible use, restrict users to sensible usage, and benefit the environment by saving resources.

With the quota feature activated, you can set a limit to the usage of print related services. You can either limit on a unit-based (the number of printed or scanned pages) or set a money-based quota (an overall cost limit for all the services using prices from a price list).

The quota can apply to:

  • a single user

  • to users individually within a group

  • to a cost center

A personalized warning email can be automatically sent to the user when it reaches the warning level and a notification can also be sent to another user or group for monitoring.

If the limit is exceeded, the user or the group of users receives a customized email and can be prevented from further printing, copying, scanning or using color. However, some flexibility can be offered to not terminate all the ongoing jobs instantly, but rather when the current job is finished (i.e. between a print job and a copy job) or when the current user session is finished (once they log out).

Each quota can monitor:

  • The total number of pages (print & copy).

  • The number of color pages (print & copy).

  • The number of monochrome pages (print & copy).

  • The total number of scanned pages.

  • The overall cost of print services.

Quotas can be active for a specific period of time (day, week, month, quarter, half-year, year, last X days). Users can check their quota status on their MyQ web user interface, on MyQ embedded terminals, on MyQ Desktop Client, and in the MyQ X Mobile Client application.

Multiple quota rules can coexist, as quotas are independent of each other. Therefore, it is always the strictest quota that applies to a user or groups of users.

In situations when a user or a group of users have reached their quota and urgently need to print, an authorized user or administrator can boost the quota by a specific number of pages or by a specific amount. Quotas can be also boosted from the MyQ Web Interface.

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