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User Privacy

For companies needing a high level of personal data protection, MyQ can be switched to a special mode which does not save or display any personal data that would compromise the company's data protection policies. It requires the Job Privacy license.

In this mode, only the job owner can see the job name. The names of all other jobs are masked by ***. This rule is applied to all user roles, so that even the system administrators cannot see job names from other users.

When the Job Privacy License is active, MyQ limits to reporting to Printer and User Group related reports, disabling all print Job and User- based reports. User specific reports which show job name and costs or counts on user level, are not available and the user filter only has: groups, "All users" and "Me" option. The default reports "My daily summary", "My sessions" and "My monthly summary" show information about the
current logged user only and are always available (default reports are hidden for *admin and users with administrator rights).

Anonymizing / Job deletion

When a user is deleted from MyQ, they are removed from all classes (including All users) and moved to "Deleted". They can later be undeleted.

However, and in compliance with GDPR, a user can be anonymized after deletion.

After the anonymization, the user is completely removed from the system and is replaced by a randomly generated name in all the relevant MyQ reports. Reports will still show anonymous users, but user's data privacy is respected.

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