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Credit accounting is the ideal function for running printer devices in public places, like e.g. schools, libraries or copy centers. Costs are under permanent control. With the credit accounting feature activated, users can copy, print and scan only if they have enough credit on their MyQ account.

Printing is allowed only for print jobs that do not exceed the credit and copying is terminated immediately after the credit is exceeded. The credit system can be restricted to selected users and groups.

Price lists are necessary with credit accounting. Price lists are used to assess the price of each printing device operation. It is necessary to set prices for functions (print, copy, scan – B&W, color, etc.) on each printer and to use the MyQ Job parser to get the print job's metadata.

MyQ offers a user-friendly web & mobile interface, so users can view the current amount of credit on their account. If a printing device is equipped with an embedded terminal, after users log in they see the current value of their credit right on the terminal. Based on the remaining credit value, they can select specific jobs or modify them so that they do not exceed their credit.

The MyQ credit system is very flexible and can be combined with regular accounting. Once the credit limit is reached, the MyQ terminal no longer allows the users to operate on the printing device and the users must recharge their credit accounts. Based on the setup and properties of the printing environment, a variety of recharge methods may be employed. The MyQ administrator can manage credit options (reset/recharge) on
the MyQ Web Interface, and also provide the users with the option to recharge the credit themselves on embedded terminals, on recharging terminals, in the MyQ X Mobile Client app, via recharging vouchers, or via a third- party payment method, such as PayPal. The MyQ Administrator can also provide users with the rights to recharge credit for others, and authorized MyQ users can also reset the credit to a specific amount on the MyQ Web Interface.

MyQ offers credit accounting reports in two types:

  • The credit balance type of reports contains information about the actual state of the credit balance of the selected users or groups.

  • The credit operations type of reports shows all changes (who spent/recharged, type of recharge method, number of used credit vouchers) of credit balance of the selected users or groups over a defined period.

In MyQ, you can also import a bulk of credit from a file. Bulk Credit Recharge provides a way for recharging credit to many (or all) users at a time, by loading the amounts from a bank statement in a GPC file or simply from a CSV file.

The MyQ Recharge terminal is an additional possibility: a touch screen device, intended to be used with MyQ credit accounting for recharging credit to user accounts; it can be placed anywhere with a power source and a network connection. It supports coins, banknotes, contains a card reader and a thermal bill printer.

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