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Whether a company has old SFDs or new MFDs, MyQ can be used with their fleet of devices. They can either enable print jobs management on a touchscreen display with several advanced features (Embedded) or enhance the functionality of the devices in the MyQ system (Lite) with print job release and scanning options.

Embedded and Embedded Lite terminals

The Embedded terminal offers the complete MyQ experience with a fully customizable interface and helps users navigate the otherwise complicated native device interfaces.

MyQ Embedded terminal top menu

The Embedded Lite terminal, for low-end Kyocera devices, provides the option of secured print without the need of further installation of any software into the device.

It is a limited version of MyQ, however it enables user authentication on the device and provides additional options within user sessions, such as pull print or scanning directly to a user's folder or email.

As a result, even older MFD’s and SFDs can be integrated with MyQ.

MyQ Embedded Lite on an old SFD

Interface personalization

Thanks to MyQ personalization, you can fully customize the interface according to the internal organization requirements. Each button can be set with a certain behavior and be available only for specific users.

The interface is very easy to manage for administrators. They can simply reorganize the panel by drag n’ drop, switch the buttons, delete them or modify their behavior. This way, IT Admins can adapt the strategy of the company very easily.

The company's logo can also be imported on the interface and be used on various places, such as reports, vouchers, etc.; colors and icons can be changed as well.

With over 30 languages supported, a specific language can be set for each user (predefined from the IT infrastructure during synchronization or decided by the user via the MyQ Web UI). They will have their buttons translated in their language.

Terminal personalization

MyQ Theme Editor

The MyQ Theme Editor is a standalone software client that creates embedded terminals themes which can then be uploaded on the MyQ Server.

Customers can generate terminal themes where styles can be edited or created (color & images) for the terminals and deliver their own complete design, look and feel to their company's terminals.

Themes are currently supported by Kyocera HyPAS, HP Enterprise, Sharp and Ricoh SmartSDK.

MyQ Theme Editor

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