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The MyQ administrator (and users authorized to manage vouchers) can generate and print any number of vouchers of a defined value to be distributed to users. The vouchers can be sold to MyQ users through any standard distribution channel. Once the user has the credit voucher, they can recharge their credit on their account on the MyQ Web Interface, on embedded terminals, on MyQ TerminalPro terminals, and in the MyQ
X Mobile Client application.

Voucher example

Before the vouchers are generated, it is necessary to set the format of the voucher's unique code and define the text printed on the voucher.

Keep in mind to avoid random guessing of codes and bypassing the system, which would mean a major security breach. It is necessary to:

  • Set the code format according to to the number of users.

  • Set the frequency of the voucher generating process to ensure enough variety of codes.

To generate the vouchers, a batch needs to be set with a quantity of vouchers, a price, and a validity date. Later they can be displayed, printed, or exported in a CSV file.

All generated and used vouchers are logged in the MyQ database, so this ensures full control and enables the administrator to prevent any possible misuse.

Vouchers can be personalized with the customer’s own logo instead of the default MyQ logo.

Voucher with personalized logo example

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