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Easy Copy

MyQ further simplifies the common action of copying. Different parameters can be predefined to optimize a user’s time and/or comply with a company’s strategy.

Depending on the devices brands and models, some parameters can be enforced or left as default:

  • Set number of copies

  • Allow color, monochrome, auto or default

  • Simplex (1 side), Duplex (2-sided), 1-side to 2-sides, 2-sides to 1-side

  • Orientation (top edge on top, top edge on left)

  • Density, 6 levels from the lowest to the highest, plus auto & default

  • Size (e.g. A3 → A4), or auto & default.

  • Magnification: Zoom function type with same values as “size” here above.

  • Skip blank pages (yes or no)

ID Card Copy

MyQ offers a feature called ID Card Copy, which is very suitable for government and educational environments.

ID card copy allows users to easily create copies of both the front and back side of an identification card into an A4 page.

They can also choose the number of copies and if they will be in color or black & white.

This feature is currently supported only on Kyocera HyPAS, RICOH SmartSDK and Sharp.

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