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Server-based Failover

The most important thing that any Managed Print Solution needs to provide is access to services. The server- based failover from MyQ allows customers to have continuous access, even if something unexpected happens on the server, like a power or network outage.

MyQ can work in failover through a Microsoft Cluster Server.

The Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) allows server computers (nodes) to work together as a computer cluster. It provides high availability (HA), thus increases the availability in case of failover for applications such as databases, messaging, file or print servers. This cluster is used to reduce downtime and outages by allowing one server (node) to take over in the event of an outage of another server (node).

The MyQ MS Cluster consists of multiple nodes in active/passive configuration with the MyQ server installed on each node.

Typically, here you have two identical nodes with MyQ installed sharing one database and job storage on a shared drive. One server (node) is used as active with the option to switch to another one.

Once one of the active node is down, the other cluster node will take over and all the MyQ services will be up and running.

All the devices are communicating with the Cluster service, so it does not matter which node is the active one. MyQ spooler ensures that spooled jobs are available after switching. The MS Cluster with MyQ offers both automatic and manual switching between nodes.

The MyQ MS Cluster solution is supported by most of the server versions and editions in the market of the Windows Server, since Windows Server 2012 (Standard & Datacenter) until the very recent Windows Server 2019 (Standard & Datacenter).

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