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Additional Software and Hardware

Card Readers

MyQ offers a large variety of card readers supporting all the major technologies available on the market, including contactless RFID, smartcard, BLE.

MyQ TerminalPro

MyQ TerminalPro is a universal hardware terminal that can be used for the pull-print solution with MyQ, on devices that normally do not support a MyQ embedded terminal.

It can be used in two ways:

  • The simple way is to use it just with a card reader. In this case, it serves as a straightforward pull-print solution – all print jobs of the system user are printed immediately after they authenticate themselves by swiping a card.

  • The favorable way is to use it with the touchscreen display attached to it. The display, which is charged directly from the MyQ TerminalPro, provides users with a friendly environment where they can manage their print jobs, register ID cards, unlock the printing device's copy and scan panels, manage projects, view the actual state of their quotas and manage their credit.

MyQ TerminalPro

MyQ Recharge Terminal

MyQ Recharge Terminal is a device designed as an extension of MyQ credit accounting.

The device provides MyQ users with the option to view and increase their credit balance and to register or purchase a card.

In the basic version, MyQ Recharge Terminal is equipped with a 19-inch full-color touch display and a small PC.

MyQ Recharge Terminal can be equipped with the following optional hardware:

  • card reader

  • coin detector with a self-locking coin bag

  • bill reader

  • card dispenser

  • receipt printer

  • vandal-proof display

MyQ Recharge Terminal

MyQ X Mobile Client Application

It has never been easier to manage your jobs from your smartphone or tablet than it is with the MyQ X Mobile Client Application. The user may download the application from Google Play or the Apple App Store and start working with their jobs. The login to devices and server management can be done easily via scanning a QR code, which is placed on the front side of the printer. Thanks to this application, the user may also send the files for printing directly to MyQ and print them on a selected device.

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