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BYOD and Driverless printing

MyQ offers various mobile printing options and simplified usage of printers for guests and visitors, who can directly print from their personal mobile devices (phone, tablet) at no extra cost, as this is integrated in the software.

Email Printing

MyQ welcomes any guest users, while preserving the security of the printing infrastructure.

Email Printing is an ideal solution for visitors. With this functionality, guests can print without being previously registered. They can send an email to a dedicated email address, with the print job as an attachment. The MyQ server monitors this address and once something appears, it processes it. If a user does not already exist within MyQ, a new user is created with a generated PIN that is sent to them via email. Finally, the user can then go to the appropriate MFD and log in with this PIN code to print documents.

Mobile Printing and QR login

MyQ offers its own mobile application, MyQ X Mobile Client. Thanks to this application, users can simply print from a phone or tablet as they would from a workstation. The application is available on the Google Play Store or Apple store. It is completely free of charge and enables users to print on an MFD from their mobile phone/tablet.

It also offers QR code authentication. This is a great solution for colleagues visiting from other branches or when someone forgets their ID card.

QR code authentication

AirPrint (Apple) and Mopria (Android)

MyQ supports native printing from Apple products using AirPrint and from Android devices using Mopria.

AirPrint is Apple's technology for printing via a wireless local network without the need to download or install drivers. For Apple users, it is easy to print any documents from a MacBook, iPhone, or iPad without having to install any additional software.

MyQ Mobile Print agent shows all the Pull Print and Delegated printing queues as a printers on Apple devices and in Mopria application on Android devices.

Users can select a job for printing on their device, select one of the queues displayed as printers, authenticate themselves and then log in to any printer and securely release the job.

Microsoft Universal Print

Microsoft Universal Print is a multi-tenant, cloud-based print service that enables cloud-only print solution for organizations.

MyQ integrates MS Universal Print and allows administrators to create virtual printers in Microsoft Azure automatically. MyQ checks periodically if there are any new jobs to be downloaded and if yes, they are downloaded to the associated user and queue, and they are handled as normal jobs in MyQ.

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