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Price List

Price lists are essential to credit accounting. Multiple price lists can be created to fully cover the entire MFD fleet.

Price lists can be attached to a printer device's configuration profile, so the setup of the MyQ installation is easier from the beginning and printers are ready to operate. Prices for print, copy, scan, paper format, and fax can be set, so everything from the MFD is accurately accountable. Within each type of job, you can extend the price calculation to reflect precise costs such as density, monochrome or color, color coverage, paper size, etc.

By default, users are applied the “User” type of price list, so they can see the estimated cost of their jobs. In order to represent real costs, setting the “Administrator” type of price list is the right thing to do. The Administrator version of the price list is not visible to any user, thereby, a comparison with reports using User price list and Administrator price list can give the customer the exact cost, in the case the MFD is rented for

You can define discounts from the Price List for a user or a group of users so you can balance the cost within the population. Set in percent, they are applied to all price lists.

Within the discount, you can set a value for each price lists' item: print, copy, scan, or fax.

Usual discounts allow reduction on the price, but prices can also be increased with the discounts: The price of an action is increased by setting a negative discount for the item, for example a -15% discount can be applied to guest visitors and they will pay 15% more than the usual price list.

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