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Users Rights and Policies

The administrator can set multiple rights and policies to users and groups of users and define which features may be available to which user and on which machine.

User Policies

There are two types of policies that can be applied to users:

  • Print Job policies apply to all print jobs, all printers, and selected users (or groups of users). The administrator can decide whether to force the job in black & white, toner savings, duplex options, stapling and punching options, and allow job history and job modification.

  • Printer policies apply to all print jobs, all queues, selected users (or groups of users) and selected printers. For each combination of user & printer, here you will define a Yes or No for printing, copying, full color copy, scanning or fax.

Print job and printer policies settings

Every policy has a higher priority than all the policies below it (from top to bottom) so they can be rearranged to represent the companies hierarchy.

If two policies are in conflict, the policy that is higher on the list applies. The default policy has the lowest priority and is always at the bottom of the list; other policies can be moved up and down the list by clicking the up or down arrow buttons on the policies settings tab.

User Rights

You can provide users or groups of users with administrator rights or grant them rights to run one or more of the MyQ options. They can perform actions, change settings, or see information that are usually inaccessible under a standard user account.

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