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After a job is printed, it is impossible for a company to guarantee that it will not fall into the wrong hands. However, MyQ can help uncover a leaked document and identify the user responsible for printing it. By applying watermarks, MyQ enables administrators to add an overlay watermark which can identify the document as confidential, add the print date, and/or include the name of the person printing the document.

You can create collections of watermarks and associate them with the queues where they will be used. Each collection can contain multiple watermarks. Jobs sent to a queue will have the watermarks of the associated collection printed in grey on each page. A watermark collection can be used in several queues and can contain several watermark definitions.

Individual text watermarks can have multiple positions to fit every customer’s needs: top, bottom, horizontal, diagonal, left, right, etc. The size of the text and the transparency can be adjusted.

You can also represent the text of the watermark as a QR code or a Bar code. Same as text, the customer can define the size and the position.

Multiple pieces of information can be included in the watermark using MyQ variables (e.g. full name, username, print date etc.).

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