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User Administration

Setup and management of users accounts is a big part of MyQ. You can create users accounts manually or import them from a synchronization source to maintain the company's organization structure. On top of that, the administrator can also grant rights, set specific rules and policies, set authentication methods and secure the MyQ users personal data.

User import and synchronization

MyQ provides automatic import of users and their attributes from different sources into the MyQ database: from an authentication server database or from a CSV file.

MyQ supports the following servers as synchronizations points: Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, Open LDAP, Lotus Domino. In multi-server scenarios ,MyQ also supports Google Workspace. Radius servers can also be used as an authentication servers.

Once users are imported into MyQ, you can enable the synchronization to keep the users database updated. You can synchronize your users from one of the LDAP sources mentioned above, a CSV file or a custom script.

For small businesses without an LDAP server, the CSV file is the best way to import and synchronize users as it can also contain information such as: card numbers, user groups, user’s scan storage location, PIN code, managed groups by the user, phone number, and more.

To improve flexibility, a combination of importing sources is also possible (e.g. LDAP & CSV).

Once imported, users can authenticate against the LDAP or Radius server to verify their credentials.

In multi- server scenarios, the MyQ Central server is managing the users import:
Users are synchronized on the Central server from the Site servers.

Because of MyQ's comprehensive structure, you can recreate your organization's structure within MyQ according to users attributes, security groups or from a specific division/department. This way, you can manage your groups as you manage them on your AD.

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