On the Rights settings tab, you can provide users or groups of users with administrator rights or provide them with rights to run one or more of the MyQ agendas: they can perform actions, change settings or see information that are inaccessible under a standard user account. On the tab, you can add users or groups and provide them with the rights.

To add a new user or a group of users to the list on the Rights settings tab:

  1. On the Rights settings tab, click +Add User. The Select user or group dialog box appears.

  2. In the dialog box, select the user (or group) and click OK. The new user (or group) properties panel opens on the left side of the screen.

  3. Select the user (or group) rights.

  4. Click OK. The user (or group) appears on the list on the Rights settings tab.

Set user rights

To edit a user’s rights:

Double-click the user (or the group) on the list of users and groups on the Rights settings tab. The panel appears on the left side of the screen.

In the user rights panel, under the General section, you can change the user’s rights. These rights are described below:

  • Administrator - The user is provided with administrator (*admin) rights.

  • Manage settings - The user gets access to management of all settings on the Settings tab of the MyQ Web interface except for the settings on the Rights tab.

  • Manage users - The user gets access to the Users main tab, the Users settings tab and the Policies settings tab, can add users and change their settings and rights. The user also gets access to the Accounting settings tab, but cannot change the settings. Access to the Credit settings tab is granted, but the user is only allowed to change Users and Groups

  • Recharge credit - The user gets access to the Recharge credit main tab.

  • Manage vouchers - The user can get access to the Voucher Batches main tab.

  • View printers - The user gets access to the Printers main tab, to monitor printers.

  • Manage reports - The user can manage all reports.

  • Manage payments - The user gets access to the Payments main tab.

  • View log - The user can view the MyQ log.

  • Manage licenses - The user can view and manage MyQ licenses on the License settings tab.

  • Read Jobs - The user can see other users' jobs.

  • Delete Cards - If deleting ID cards is enabled in the config.ini, the user has the Delete all ID cards button available on their User profile widget in the MyQ web UI and they able to delete all their ID cards.