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External Reports

By default, the only access to the MyQ Firebird database is via the SYSDBA account. Since this account has full read/write rights, it is not secure to use it for accessing the database from 3rd party software (for example BI tools for reporting). A read-only access account is needed to avoid unintentional database corruption.

In the External Reports settings tab, the administrator can enable a database read-only account to be used with external reports.

Activating the Enabled switch automatically creates a read-only access account to the MyQ Firebird database with the following settings:

  • Account name: db_datareader. This is the newly created read-only database user. The account name cannot be changed.

  • Password: password for the db_datareader account, set by the administrator. A new password must be set every time when switching from the Disabled to Enabled state.

  • Confirm password: confirmation of the above password.

Enabling the database read-only account automatically enables a Windows Firewall rule to allow incoming connections to the MyQ Firebird database. If disabled, the rule is deleted.


After restoring a backup using MyQ Easy config, the Windows Firewall rule and the db_datareader's account password will be restored if the account state was Enabled when the backup was created. If the account state was Disabled, then the existing Windows Firewall rule will be deleted and the user account will be dropped in the restored Firebird database.

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