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System Management Settings

On the System Management settings tab, you can set warning levels for the disk space checker, change the settings of the MyQ history, and also delete data from the MyQ database.

System Management settings tab

Disk space checker

In the Disk space checker section, you can set the Warning level and the Critical level (in MB) for the free disk space where the MyQ Central server is stored. Once one of these levels is reached, an email notification is sent to the MyQ administrator. If the critical level is reached, services are also stopped.

Disk space checker settings


In the History section, you can change the periods after which data stored on the MyQ server is deleted. You can set time periods for the following data:

  • Delete user sessions older than: User sessions remain on the MyQ Central server for the period set here. Older ones are deleted.

  • Delete archived reports older than: Reports are archived for the period set here. Older reports are deleted.

  • Close payment sessions older than:

To change the values, enter new values to the particular text box, and then click Save.

History settings

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