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Generating reports

To preview a report

Select the report and click Preview (or right-click it and click Preview on its shortcut menu). The report is shown in HTML format and the number of included data is limited.

To run a report

Select the report and click Run. (Or right-click it and click Run on its shortcut menu). The report runs in the specified format (PDF, CSV, XML, XLS or ODS) with no data limitation.

To export the displayed report

After the report is generated, click one of the format buttons on the bar at the top of the report screen to download it.

Report format selection bar

There is a fixed limit of records of the reports that are generated on the Reports main tab of the MyQ Web Interface. It can be set in the Limit results to: text box on the Reports settings tab (MyQ, Settings, Reports). It is set to 1000 by default. This only applies to the reports run on the MyQ Web Interface; scheduled reports are always complete.

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