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User synchronization from LDAP servers

An LDAP server contains a database that stores all user accounts, passwords and other user related data of an organization. On the LDAP Synchronization settings tab on the MyQ Web Interface, you can synchronize users directly from the server database.

MyQ can communicate with as much as five LDAP servers at the same time. It supports Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Novell, Lotus Domino and Google Workspace. To synchronize the users, you need to add the synchronization source first, and then setup the synchronization. After the synchronization is set up, you can either run it manually on the User Synchronization settings tab or set it as a regular task on the Task Scheduler settings tab.

The settings described here apply only to Active Directory, although the settings for OpenLDAP, Novell, Lotus Domino and Google Workspace are similar.

OpenLDAP, with its default settings, limits the number of returned entries and the maximum total time for a query. The default size limit is 500 entries and the default time limit is one hour. In case of a larger customer installation with OpenLDAP, you must adjust these limits appropriately in the OpenLDAP settings, otherwise the user sync will give incomplete results.
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