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Site server data replication

The replication is set as a scheduled task on the Central server. You can change the time and period of its run on the Task Scheduler settings tab.

In case you want to run the task outside of the schedule, you can do so on the Sites main tab.

The replication consists of two stages: at the first stage, the data are downloaded from the site server to a folder on the Central server, and at the second stage, they are uploaded to the Central server's database. Only data that are already uploaded to the database are included in the reports on the Central server.

On the Sites main tab, you can check the current state of replications for all site servers:

  • The Status column gives you the following information:

    • green - Ready

    • yellow - Unknown, http 404

    • red - error; this can be an http 5xx or http 200 with body '0' error

    • gray - unreachable, a timeout. As an admin you can set the timeout and the period in the config.ini.

  • The Last downloaded data column displays date and time of the last successful download of the site server data.

  • The Download Status column shows either a green (OK) or a red (error) icon.

  • The Last successfully replicated data column shows if any error happened during the replication. The displayed date and time represent the last record replicated before the error.

  • The Replication status shows you any of three colored icons:

    • green icon - OK; all the downloaded data were successfully replicated

    • yellow icon - pending; there are downloaded data waiting to be replicated

    • red icon - error; replication was not finished due to errors (not warnings!)

Site replication status

To manually run a replication of a site servers' data:

  1. Open the Sites main tab (MyQ, Sites).

  2. On the Sites main tab, select a Site, click Actions on the toolbar, and then click Download data.

Downloading a Site's data

Scheduled run of replication

By default, the replication is set to run once per day.

To change the Replication schedule, open the Task Scheduler settings tab (MyQ, Settings, Task Scheduler), and then double click the Replication schedule to open its properties panel, where it can be set. For more information, see Task Scheduler.

Replication task

The statistical data on Site servers are stored for the period of time that is set on the System Management settings tab of the site server MyQ Web Interface, under History. To maintain the data, make sure that the time intervals between replications are shorter than these periods. Furthermore, the time periods for storing the data on Site servers should be long enough to avoid losing data, in case the scheduled replication is delayed, for example due to lost connection between the Central server and a Site server.

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