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Security Wrap-up with MyQ

Multifunctional printers are ground zero when it comes to workflow security in the modern organization. MyQ X, as the print management solution, is focused on enhancing the security and privacy of data in a company network.

MyQ X features get all three competing demands – legislation protecting the privacy of the individual, the system administrator’s task to protect the network from external attacks, and the company's management need to reduce costs and protect commercial secrets – all on the same page.

The core security features in MyQ such as encryption, user authentication, and session logout are just the beginning. MyQ also includes a wide range of policy options for giving companies greater control over their printing environment and workflow. The variety of security and privacy needs within each company demonstrates the importance of a print management solution which can be easily fine-tuned. With MyQ, you have a secure choice.

Please note that MyQ is dedicated to increasing security for our customers on an ongoing basis.

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