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PS Additional recommendations

Deploy RBAC

Do not use the default *admin account for regular operations. Use privilege delegation instead, while applying the principle of least privilege:

User Rights in the MyQ web UI
Configure a custom service account

MyQ Print Server is by default running under the highly privileged SYSTEM account. Configure a custom service account with a strong password instead:

Setting a custom services account in MyQ Easy Config
Keep the server updated

Install security updates provided by MyQ as soon as they are available. You can check the currently installed application version in MyQ Easy Config:

MyQ server version information in MyQ Easy Config
Keep the OS secure

MyQ Print Server is only as secure as the underlying operating system. Keep it updated and apply security policies recommended by Microsoft.

Plan for disaster recovery

Periodically create backups of the MyQ Print Server, including the database, certificates, and configuration files. Test the recovery procedure at least once.

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