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MyQ X Security Whitepaper

MyQ X Security Features Overview

MyQ X provides a range of features to enhance the security and privacy of end-users and of the company as well. These features start with secure printing at the MFD, customization of the user session, and have a continuous impact even after a document has been printed with the help of watermarks.

Here is a short summary of the MyQ X Security features:

  • GDPR compliance

  • Secure print

  • User sessions with multiple authentication options including two-phase authentication

  • Manual and automatic logout from user sessions

  • End-to-end data encryption including data at rest encryption (database, jobs, logs)

  • Fixed scan destination folders predefined by the MyQ administrator

  • Private queues for deleting of print jobs immediately after release

  • Privacy mode for anonymizing names of print job

  • Restricted access to the setup options of the print server on the MyQ X Web Interface

  • Customizable rights for access to different setup options

  • Multiple levels of password complexity

  • Audit log for changes of settings

  • Support for company certificate authority

  • Watermarking printed documents

  • Job preview

  • Controlling scanned documents via OCR and DMS systems

  • Job archiving

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