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MyQ X Secure Deployment

Confidentiality of customer data and customer security have always been MyQ’s number one priority. However, security is a responsibility shared between vendors and customers. Although the goal of MyQ X is to provide secure configuration by default, several areas require extra steps on the customer’s side. These include but are not limited to certificate management, usage of strong credentials, permission delegation, and firewall configuration.

This document contains actionable checklists for secure deployment of MyQ X Central Server and MyQ X Print Server in enterprise environments. We strongly believe that following these guidelines will considerably reduce the attack surface of any print management infrastructure. Needless to say, MyQ X server applications are only as secure as the underlying operating systems and network environments. As Windows security is a topic of its own, it is not covered by this document.

MyQ X systems are constantly being improved and patched, following the MyQ Secure Development Lifecycle policy. Please, make sure you always use the latest supported release. Release notes can be found in every product guide. Please also refer to the End Of Life (EOL) Policy for the End of Maintenance announcements and successor components.

This guide was prepared along with Mainstream Technologies, now Seyfor, during regular independent security audits.

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