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Security with MyQ

Workflow security is a major concern for companies and individuals, regardless of whether documents are in physical or digital form. Misused or leaked data can result in substantial negative consequences from three major perspectives – for the individual employee, for the organization’s financial performance, and even for its competitive position in the marketplace.

Your multifunctional printer is ground zero

A multifunctional printer, with its always-on connection to company servers, has the central role in document distribution and reproduction – and overall data security. Done correctly, a print management software enhances your company’s ability to manage the new technological capabilities of its MFP, do this in a cost-effective way, and to enhance workflow security all the way from the individual workstation to printed documents as they pass outside of the company walls. Done incorrectly, you have extra financial costs, lose control over private and company data, and even face legal liabilities.

Security is a three-way tug of war

There is no single “one-size fits all” security setting. As each organization establishes its security and document privacy policies, there is a three-way struggle over how these settings can be formed. The three primary user groups and perspectives in this tug of war:

  • End users/country legislation such as GDPR demanding a high level of individual data privacy.

  • Administrator needing to secure the printing environment from external threats.

  • Company wanting to control the printing environment to prevent its misuse.

Get the security balance right

Meeting the needs of the individual/legislation, the system administrator, and the company is a balancing act which has both legal and technical ramifications. While all three parties have a broad agreement over the primary security goals, each of these three perspectives brings its own particular set of problems and expectations.

Some privacy/security settings can be in direct opposition with one another. For example, if you select to anonymize print jobs (MyQ Job Privacy Mode) or to delete print jobs immediately after they are printed (MyQ Private Queues), you strengthen individual privacy but lose control over printing and increase the possibility of the printing environment being misused. On the other hand, if you decide to control printed jobs (MyQ Job Archiving) or scans (integration with OCR and DMS systems), user privacy might be compromised.

With MyQ, the choice is yours

This document discusses different aspects of workflow security within the printing environment and demonstrates how MyQ approaches a variety of security issues and threats throughout this process.

As the MyQ X system manages thousands of documents each day, we are aware of the critical importance of providing clients and users with the highest possible level of security. By using the best available data protection tools and by integrating security into every process, we can guarantee that the MyQ system fulfills the needs of companies and institutions with the highest possible security requirements.

At MyQ, we’ve developed a universal printing solution that incorporates best-in-class tools which give you the flexibility to create your own settings. The choice is yours to tailor settings to meet specific company needs, establish policies which can be simply enforced, and to have security and privacy settings in- line with the specific requirements of your country.

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