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Admin Menu

From the terminal’s Admin Menu, you can administer the terminal and the device. The available actions are Admin Login, Store logs, and Reset the app.

On the initial screen of the MyQ Embedded application, tap the MyQ logo to open the admin login screen.

Click the MyQ logo on the terminal to log in as admin


On the admin login screen, enter the admin password (the default password is 1087), and then tap OK.

Enter the admin login PIN on the terminal


The Admin menu opens.

Admin Menu


Server address

Server address is not editable here. It is only available for checking. You can modify these settings during the terminal's remote installation in the MyQ Web administrator interface.

Admin Login

Unlocks the printing device’s panel; with the panel unlocked, the printing device's default screen opens, and all the device features are accessible. Pages printed and scanned in this mode are accounted to the *unauthenticated user.

Once the panel is unlocked, the device setup can be accessed by pressing the System menu button on the device's operation panel.

When you open the device's panel using the Admin Login button, you are automatically granted administrative rights to all its settings.

Exporting the Log

If MyQ Support asks you to provide the embedded terminal's log, you can do so using a USB Flash drive or the SD Card memory.

To export the terminal log, insert the USB Flash drive/SD Card on the device and tap Store logs on the Admin Menu.

The log file is exported and uploaded to the USB/SD Card.


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