8.2.0 RC1

6 March, 2023


  • Distribution of the credentials in offline login between devices was canceled. User synchronization for offline login has to be used instead of it.

  • Improved behavior of projects when there are no projects with rights available for the user. MyQ Print server 10.1 is required.

  • Logs from the Ricoh Embedded terminal are logged to the main server log using the "Ricoh Terminal" subsystem.

  • Vendor specific parameters added in Configuration profile settings.

  • NEW FEATURE Application is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Application List is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Debug log can be enabled in Configuration profile.

  • NEW FEATURE Device spool is supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Government or Education edition is displayed on the Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE Information about Trial license or NFR license is displayed on the Embedded terminal login screen.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to Always display job price even if the credit or quota is disabled. MyQ Print server 10.1 is required for this feature.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to set maximum 999 copies for Easy copy, ID Card copy or in Job properties.

  • NEW FEATURE Job cost is displayed in Job options.

  • NEW FEATURE Offline login is supported:

    • Only login via PIN or ID card is valid. Login via username+password isn’t supported.

    • Jobs printed when server is offline are accounted as jobs printed when server is online when the server is started Offline user session isn’t created.

  • QR code is displayed as default option for login instead of keyboard.


  • SMTP forwarding isn't supported for offline login. Panel scan in offline login is possible to use with using SMTP server details (IP address and authentication account) in the device web UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Easy scan buttons were marked as selected incorrectly after usage.

  • Energy saver wasn't possible to use on the device with installed terminal.

  • Fixed upgrade of the terminal from version 7.5.

  • Remote Operation panel was not possible to use with installed MyQ application.


  • Idle logout isn't applied if the scan is in a progress.

  • It is not possible to display more than 18 Terminal actions in the Top menu.

  • User can't logout during Easy scan/Easy copy/Panel scan/Panel copy operation in progress.

8.2.0 BETA1

6 January, 2023


  • Accounting is managed by the embedded terminal instead of the server. Also, accounting with projects, credit or quota enabled is faster.

  • Admin menu has been improved.

  • Configuration of PJL commands to printer queue or print driver isn't required.

  • Critical accounting for interrupted print, scan, copy.

  • Displaying of quota has been improved.

  • Jobs which aren't possible to print because of Job filters (i.e. A3 jobs on A4 device or Color Jobs on BW device) are marked with a proper error message instead of the lock symbol.

  • SSL certificate is automatically installed during the remote configuration.

  • Terminal manager is not supported on Ricoh Embedded 8.2+.

  • UI improved.

  • White themes are supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Cost centers are supported.

  • NEW FEATURE Device terminal logs can be downloaded in MyQ Web UI - Printers, for each Ricoh printer with installed embedded terminal as replacement of downloading the logs via Terminal manager.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to change the Local administrator PIN in configuration profiles.

  • NEW FEATURE It is possible to uninstall the package from the device using Remote setup.

  • NEW FEATURE More options are possible to be set in Job properties in My jobs:

    • Color – BW / color

    • Duplex – simplex / duplex – long edge / duplex – short edge

    • Copies

    • Staple – no staple / yes (auto) / top left / top right / 2 staples

    • Punching – no punch / yes (auto)

    • Toner saving

  • NEW FEATURE More options can be used for the Easy Scan Duplex parameter:

    • Single sided

    • Duplex – binding on top

    • Duplex – binding on side

    • Booklet – binding on left

  • NEW FEATURE MyQ Ricoh terminal web service is available in Easy config.

  • NEW FEATURE New available quota for BW print & copy - it is possible to block BW print and copy only.

  • NEW FEATURE Terminal availability status is displayed on the Printers page on MyQ server.

  • NEW FEATURE Used values are displayed for used default Easy actions parameters.


  • Guest Login can be set in Configuration profiles.

  • Login methods and server address aren't possible to be changed in the Admin menu of the embedded terminal. It is possible to change them via Configuration profiles on MyQ server only.

  • Ricoh package is currently a REST API package.


  • Currently it is not possible to display job properties options supported by the device only. All job properties (Color, Duplex, Stapling, Punching, Copies, and Toner saving) are displayed on all Ricoh devices even on devices without finisher options.

  • It is possible to start Panel Scan even if the user doesn't have enough credit on devices with SDK < 3.00.

  • It is possible to start Panel Scan even if the user doesn't have enough quota on devices with SDK < 3.00.

  • Local spool and Offline login aren't supported yet.

  • When an error occurs on the device while scanning (e.g. paper jam), the user resolves the issue and selects to finish the operation, it might not be reported as finished and thus it is not accounted.