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Safety Notes

You are advised to observe the safety information during the operation, maintenance, and repair of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  • Do not place the MyQ Recharge Terminal in a dusty environment or near water and heat sources.

  • Do not expose the MyQ Recharge Terminal to rain. Do not allow any liquids inside the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  • Install and use the MyQ Recharge Terminal only in places that meet the environmental criteria: temperature > 5 to 35 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity > 30 to 80%.

  • Connect the MyQ Recharge Terminal to a power source with 230 V AC/ 50 Hz. Keep the safety regulations and standards.

  • To prevent overheating, make sure that there is sufficient space around the MyQ Recharge Terminal for ventilation. Do not cover the ventilation openings of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  • Do not insert any objects into any MyQ Recharge Terminal openings. Doing so may result to damage to installed devices, shock hazard, fire or failure of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  • Do not place any objects on the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  • Maintenance and replacement of hardware components should be performed by trained and qualified personnel only.

  • Movable parts. Risk of injury for the personnel or damage to the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  • Do not touch the parts marked with the high voltage sign.

  • Keep all devices inside the MyQ Recharge Terminal clean. Before cleaning the MyQ Recharge Terminal, disconnect the power supply.

  • Regularly check the vent openings of the MyQ Recharge Terminal. In case of dust or any contamination, clean the openings to prevent overheating.

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