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Operator Setup

An operator is responsible for setting up and maintaining the MyQ Recharge terminal.

To access the management options, the operator needs to log in the Administrator mode, using the operator's credentials:

Login screen in admin mode

On the login screen, tap the MyQ logo at the top of the screen. Enter the operator's login and PIN, and then tap Log in.

The default username is *operator, and the default PIN is 0000. Both can be changed by the administrator.

Depending on the rights given by the administrator, the following tabs are available in the operator mode:

  • Money

  • Login (visible only if enabled by the administrator)

  • User (visible only if enabled by the administrator)

  • Receipt (visible only if enabled by the administrator)

  • Log

You can switch between the tabs by using the left-hand menu.

At the bottom of the screen, there are Log out, Save, Restart, and Shutdown options.

Additional options at the bottom of the screen

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