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Hardware Management

This chapter describes the MyQ Recharge Terminal hardware components. It guides the operator through maintenance tasks, such as withdrawing money, refilling ID cards, and replacing the paper roll in the receipt printer.

Coin Detector

The coin detector is an optional hardware component that provides users with the option to insert coins in the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

The inserted coins are recognized by the coin detector and fall through the funnel into the self-locking coin bag.

In case of an issue with new coins or banknotes, report to MyQ Support to be provided with new firmware to solve the issue.

The Euro minimum accepted coin is 10 cents. Information about other currencies is available upon request.

Replacing the self-locking coin bag

To replace the self-locking coin bag:

  1. Unlock and open the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  2. Slide the button to release the self-locking cash bag from the funnel. The coin bag locks shut.

    Releasing the self-locking cash bag
  3. Now you can either replace the bag for an empty one, or withdraw money from the bag. If you just change the bag, skip to step 6.

  4. To withdraw money from the self-locking cash bag, unlock and remove the lid. Now you can take out the coins.

    Unlocking the lid
  5. Install the lid and lock the self-locking cash bag.

  6. Slide the empty self-locking cash bag back into the funnel.

  7. Close and lock the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

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