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Bill Reader

The bill reader is an optional hardware component that provides users with the option to insert bank notes. The inserted bank notes are recognized by the bill reader and stored in the cash box.

Replacing the cash box

To replace the cash box:

  1. Unlock and open the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  2. Unlock and open the door under the bill reader.

    Unlocking the bill reader door
  3. Use the handle to pull the cash box out.

    Pulling out the cash box
  4. Now you can either replace the cash box, or withdraw the money from it. If you just replace the cash box, skip to the step 7.

  5. Unlock the cash box and take out the money.

  6. Close and lock the cash box.

  7. Slide the cash box into the slot under the bill reader. The bill reader will recalibrate.

  8. Close and lock the door of the bill reader.

  9. Close and lock the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

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