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Log tab

On the Log tab, you can see a log of the events on the MyQ Recharge Terminal. At the top of the tab, you can change the date and select one of the filters to show only a specific kind of events.

Log tab

To view a more detailed log, you can turn the Log debug info On.

Log debug info option

You can find the logs on the NanoPC’s local drive. To log in to the NanoPC, you can use the Remote Desktop application in Microsoft Windows. Alternatively, you can connect a keyboard to the NanoPC, and then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. In both cases, the username for the login is "Admin" and the password is "Admin00".

Once you are logged in to the NanoPC, you can find the logs under the following path:
C:\Users\Recharge Terminal\AppData\Local\Packages\RechargeTerminal_ 0gx9rkgqv5gz0\LocalCache\Recharge Terminal

The text log can be found under the following paths:

  • for versions older than
    C:\Program Files\MyQ Recharge Terminal 6.0\Service\log

  • for versions and newer:
    C:\Program Files\MyQ\MyQ Recharge Terminal 6.0\service\log

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