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Card Dispenser

The card dispenser is an optional hardware component needed to dispense the ID cards.

If the specified criteria are met (for example, if the minimum credit for dispensing an ID card is required), the users can get and register an ID card.

The supported card thickness is 0.22 mm up to 1.00 mm. The capacity is 200 cards, if one card has a 0.76 mm. thickness.

Refilling the ID card dispenser

To refill the ID card dispenser:

  1. Unlock and tilt the card dispenser.
    WARNING: Heavy parts may swing down. Risk of injury or breaking the key in the door’s lock below the card dispenser. Be careful when opening the card dispenser.

  2. Remove the weight on the chain and insert new cards.

    Adding new ID cards in the card dispenser
  3. Place the weight on the inserted cards.

  4. Push the card dispenser back in.

  5. Lock the card dispenser.

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