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MyQ Recharge Terminal

About MyQ Recharge Terminal 8.2 LTS

The MyQ Recharge Terminal is a device with a welded metal construction (2mm thick steel) that is used as an extension to the MyQ credit accounting. The device provides MyQ users with the option to view and increase their credit balance.

In the basic version, the MyQ Recharge Terminal is equipped with a 19-inch full-color touch display and a NanoPC. The MyQ Recharge Terminal can be equipped with the following optional hardware:

  • Card reader

  • Coin detector with a self-locking coin bag

  • Bill reader

  • Card dispenser

  • Receipt printer

Recharge terminal

This guide walks the MyQ administrator through the setup and administration of the MyQ Recharge Terminal, the operator through the setup and management of the MyQ Recharge Terminal, and the MyQ user through the usage of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

All changes compared to the previous version are listed in the release notes.

The guide is also available in PDF, along with guides for older supported versions.

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