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User Guide

This chapter guides the user through the features of the MyQ Recharge Terminal. It shows how to log in to the MyQ Recharge Terminal, how to register as a new user, how to obtain and register an ID card, and how to manage their credit.

User login

To log in to the MyQ Recharge Terminal, you can type your username and password, PIN, or swipe your ID card (depending on the admin settings).

User login screen example

Registering a new user

If this option is enabled by the administrator, you can register as a new user on the MyQ Recharge Terminal, simply by entering your username and a valid e-mail address.

To register:

  1. Tap the Register new User icon on the login screen.

    User login screen with new user registration option
  2. Enter your full name and email address, and then tap Register.

    Registration information
  3. The registration is done and your PIN is sent to your email address. An information window appears. Tap
    Close to finish the registration.

    Registration info window
  4. You are automatically logged in, and can start using the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

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