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Receipt Printer

The receipt printer is an optional hardware component needed for printing bills. A bill is automatically printed each time the amounts and values of inserted money are reset.

Also, users can print out a bill when logging out of their session.

Replacing the paper roll

To replace the paper roll:

  1. Unlock and open the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

  2. Loosen the two winged nuts, and tilt the receipt printer out of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

    Replacing the paper
  3. Replace the paper roll.

  4. Feed the paper into the receipt printer. The paper will be automatically loaded by the receipt printer.

  5. Return the receipt printer into it's original position and tighten the winged nuts.

  6. Make sure the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal can be closed without clashing with the receipt printer. If not, loosen the winged nuts and reposition the receipt printer to fit into the door opening.

  7. Close and lock the front door of the MyQ Recharge Terminal.

Check the function and cleanliness of the receipt printer. In case of dust contamination, clean the printer or contact an authorized service.

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