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Fallback Printing

With MyQ Desktop Client installed and running on the end user's workstation, you can set a backup printing device to be used for printing when the connection to the MyQ Server is lost. The Fallback printing feature serves as an important backup tool in case of a server outage. After the connection to the server is re-established, the job is automatically accounted.

Fallback printing means that when a job cannot be spooled to MyQ, the job is spooled to a specified network printer. This can be a printer that has to be specified by an IP address or a hostname, a preset printer, or a printer from a printer list. Jobs are sent one by one with a 45 seconds delay where every job must be confirmed.

Check Fallback Printing Preferences for information on how to enable the feature in MyQ Desktop Client.

The following fallback printing workflows are available:

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