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Basic Information

MyQ Desktop Client for macOS is a software client of the MyQ server. Once installed on the MyQ users macOS workstations, it provides additional MyQ features to the users, such as user identification, support of credit, quota, projects, secure printing, easier management of print jobs, alternative printing methods, and monitoring of local printing devices

Upgrading from previous versions of MyQ Smart Job Manager or MyQ Desktop Client is possible, and all the features are still supported.

The maximum recommended number of concurrent MyQ Desktop Clients connected to one MyQ server is 1000.

The logs can either be accessed via the action menu or can be found in the following directory: /Library/Application Support/MyQ/Desktop Client/logs

Requirements on the client's workstation:

  • MyQ requirements:

    • MyQ Print Server 8.2 Patch 24+, 10.0 Patch 8+ or 10.1 Beta 2+

    • MyQ Central Server 8.2 Patch 19+, 10.0 Patch 4+ or 10.1 Beta 3+

  • OS requirements: Apple macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and later

  • Memory: 2GB minimal requirement, client consumes 256 MB dependent on the print job load.

  • Hard disk: 250 MB for installation, with additional requirements in cases where jobs are spooled.

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