Click on the MyQ icon on the macOS system tray, then click the three dots in the upper-right corner to open the Actions Menu and click Preferences. Go to the Print Monitoring tab where you can enable and set up Local print monitoring features.

Local Print Monitoring settings

  • Local print monitoring: Toggle the slider if you want to use this option.

  • Limit monitoring to these printers: Enter the names of the printers that you want to monitor, separated by comma (,). You can leave this field empty to monitor all printers.

  • What to do when MyQ Server is offline:

    • Always release job - Jobs will be released even if the MyQ Server is offline.

    • Discard Jobs - Jobs will be discarded if the MyQ Server is offline.

    • Release job only if it complies with cached user restrictions - Jobs will not be released if the user has restrictive policies or insufficient credit or quota.