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Release Notes

MyQ Desktop Client for macOS 10.0

10.0 (patch 4)

7 March, 2024


  • Implemented automatic CUPS configuration checks and adjustments if required after upgrading to macOS Sonoma.

Bug Fixes

  • MDC can crash after upgrading with LMP or Fallback printing configurations.

  • Resolved an issue in the LPM job parser on MacOS where Black & White (B&W) settings from the print dialog were not correctly reflected.

10.0 (patch 3)

2 October, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Parsing of some PDF files can fail because of an unknown font.

  • Connection to the server could be lost after restart if the service lost connection with the application.

  • Jobs are not being deleted after the period set in the "Delete pending jobs when the client is idle" option.

10.0 (patch 2)

21 July, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Change of some settings on the Server can result in Server's high CPU utilization due to the Client's communication.

  • Czech language translation not working.

  • Test connection to an unreachable server shows an 'Unknown Error' message.

  • Local Print Monitoring not working if the Client's language is other than English.

10.0 (patch 1)

12 May, 2023


  • Show application name in popup messages.

Bug Fixes

  • When Remember me is disabled, client will stay logged in for 5 minutes or until job interaction is complete.

  • Login fails when using credit from Central Server.

  • Agent crashes if get server address from CSV file is used.

  • MDC 10.0 registers its REST API application with SW version 8.2.

  • Server disconnects after 1 minute when using Windows Single Sign on.

10.0 RTM


  • NEW FEATURE Get IP address of Site server based on client IP address range. Supported on CS 10.0 (Patch 4).

  • NEW FEATURE MDC configuration improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • After disabling remember me, the user is logged in, as the previous user if "Remember me" as Always was used.

  • LPM job cannot be printed because accounts are not known.

  • Print job order mixed when printing to Direct Queue using MDC detection type.

10.0 RC


  • NEW FEATURE Pop-ups with dialogs converted to windows.

  • NEW FEATURE Implementation of Local Print Monitor (LPM).

  • Preferences UI improvements.

  • NEW FEATURE Reduce the number of API calls when connecting MDC.

  • NEW FEATURE SPS functionality (Client spooling & Fallback Printing) compiled on MDC Mac.

  • Redesign of the status window.

  • MDC updated to .NET 6.0.

  • NEW FEATURE Search results return more items.

  • NEW FEATURE Inactivity timeout field added.

Bug Fixes

  • Hostname should not be cached.

  • Job sender's hostname limit is 15 characters when client spooling is not enabled.

  • Reduce the number of requests when MDC starts.

  • Reduce the number of requests when the user logs into MDC.

  • MDC Mac prompting for PIN multiple times.

  • Currency format adjusted according to language.

Component Versions

3rd-Party External Applications

MDC 10.0 RC

.NET Framework

.NET 6.0/Xamarin.Mac Modern

C++ Runtimes


SSL communication Supported

Yes -

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