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Release Notes

MyQ Kyocera Embedded terminal 10.1

  • Minimum requested support date: 01 February 2023

What’s new in 10.1

Click to see a list of new features available in version 10.1
  • Easy Print is supported.

  • Folder browsing for Easy Scan is supported.

  • Job preview on the device panel is implemented.

  • Installation Initiated by the terminal is supported. Print server 10.1 patch 3+ or Print server 10.2 Beta 2+ is required.

10.1 RTM

17 January, 2024


  • Due to security reasons all jobs will be discarded from the device when user logs out. This feature is enabled by default and it is possible to disable it in Kyocera specific parameters in Configuration profiles.

  • Easy Scan: If you change the scan parameters, you can reuse them for another scan. The parameters are reset only when you return to the Top Menu.

  • Font size is improved on devices with the WebKit browser.

  • Logging during the time when machine is asleep was reduced. More information is available in the support bulletin

  • Login screen and Top Menu elements are rounded on devices with WebKit browser.

  • Quota status pop-up message improved with extended details.

  • The last item in the job list does not fit the screen on devices with small screen.

  • UI on Admin login screen improved for devices with small device screen.

Bug Fixes

  • "Application log queue full, older message may be overwritten." error message has been displayed in the server log.

  • Arrows for displaying the hidden settings on full screen mode aren't displayed on Kyocera Taskalfa MZ4000/MZ3200.

  • Built-in parameter %number% for Fax Server Easy scan destination isn't requested, this parameter has to be defined manually in Easy scan parameters.

  • Cashed user credentials for offline login aren't deleted after specified time.

  • Credit balance and job cost are not fully displayed in Job Options.

  • Custom options field is missing in the Printer Configuration Profile.

  • Easy Print job options aren't translated into languages other than English.

  • Easy scan: Continuous scan failed from glass if the continuous scan started from the feeder with duplex enabled.

  • Fax number is displayed truncated after 5 numbers.

  • It is not possible to select a job in the job list by clicking the check-box.

  • Job Roaming: Button for downloading a remote job isn't displayed.

  • Labels on Top Menu Terminal actions are moved higher after usage of the Terminal action.

  • Logout in offline mode is not possible.

  • Long Terminal Action title may be truncated in NetFront browser devices.

  • Number of copies in Easy copy parameter wasn't displayed on the device panel.

  • Number of pages is covered by the name of the job if the job is zoomed in Job preview.

  • PNG and TIFF files are displayed in Easy Print folder, but it is not possible to select and print them.

  • Printing via Mobile application or via MDC to direct queue fails with projects enabled.

  • QR code is not properly displayed on devices with small screens.

  • QR code may disappear on the Login page after server upgrade.

  • Server hostname/IP Address is displayed incorrectly on older devices.

  • Some Chinese translations are missing.

  • Some languages in Language selection feature were displayed without Capital letter.

  • Some pages have a huge font size.

  • The Login page is not displayed if you logout from the ID Card Copy page.

  • The server part of the terminal package loses stability with large numbers of devices.

  • There is an error when printing via direct queue and quota is enabled.

  • USB Scan Terminal Action is disabled after performing print, copy, or scan operation.

10.1 RC 1

31 July, 2023


  • Displaying of the time when the job was spooled/printed in My jobs was changed to the “XX seconds/minutes/hours ago” format.

  • Keyboard/QR code switch on Login screen was improved. Only the non-used method is displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • It wasn’t possible to change the duplex parameter for Easy print.

  • "Job record saving failed" error message was displayed in the server log after Easy scan.

  • User was not returned to the Top menu from Panel Scan or Panel USB when the operation was finished if quota was reached.

10.1 Beta

23 June, 2023



  • MyQ Kyocera Embedded terminal 10.1+ can be used on devices with Java 1.8+ only.

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