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(10.1 RC) Printing devices supporting Device Spooling

Model Name


Device Clients

TASKalfa PA4500ci

SSD (HD6 or HD7) is required

Custom firmware is required (for more info, contact your supplier)

Up to 5 for concurrent access

TASKalfa 352ci

ECOSYS M3860idn

ECOSYS M3145idn

ECOSYS M3645idn

ECOSYS M3655idn

ECOSYS M3660idn

ECOSYS M6230cidn

ECOSYS M6630cidn

ECOSYS M6235cidn

ECOSYS M6635cidn


ECOSYS MA6000ifx

ECOSYS MA5500ifx

ECOSYS MA4500ifx

TASKalfa 351ci

ECOSYS M3860idnf

HDD is required

Custom firmware might be necessary (for more info, contact your supplier)

Up to 10 for concurrent access

TASKalfa 358ci

TASKalfa 3011i

TASKalfa 3212i

TASKalfa 3511i

TASKalfa 4012i

TASKalfa 7002i

TASKalfa 8002i

TASKalfa 9002i

TASKalfa 2552ci

TASKalfa 2553ci

TASKalfa 3252ci

TASKalfa 3253ci

TASKalfa 7052ci

TASKalfa 8052ci

ECOSYS MA3500cix

ECOSYS MA3500cifx

ECOSYS MA4000cix

ECOSYS MA4000cifx

TASKalfa MA3500ci

TASKalfa MA4500ci

ECOSYS P8060cdn

Custom firmware might be necessary (for more info, contact your supplier)

TASKalfa 408ci

TASKalfa 508ci

TASKalfa 4002i

TASKalfa 4003i

TASKalfa 5002i

TASKalfa 5003i

TASKalfa 6002i

TASKalfa 6003i

TASKalfa 7003i

TASKalfa 8003i

TASKalfa 9003i

TASKalfa 3552ci

TASKalfa 3553ci

TASKalfa 4052ci

TASKalfa 4053ci

TASKalfa 5052ci

TASKalfa 5053ci

TASKalfa 6052ci

TASKalfa 6053ci

TASKalfa  MZ4000i

TASKalfa  MZ3200i

TASKalfa 7004i

TASKalfa 6004i

TASKalfa 5004i

TASKalfa 4004i

TASKalfa 7054ci

TASKalfa 6054ci

TASKalfa 5054ci

TASKalfa 4054ci

TASKalfa 2554ci

ECOSYS P4060dn

TASKalfa 8353ci

TASKalfa 7353ci

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